What is advisor mode?

Advisor is a special mode in which bot only shows the best move, but you will play manually. So you can make premoves, make intentional mistakes, make your own moves and manage time by yourself.

It's more fun to play by yourself, than just to watch for bot. And I believe it can be even used as instrument for studying chess.

Also it is much harder to detect bot in advisor mode than in standard one.
How to use it?

At this moment advisor mode supports 4 websites (most popular): lichess.org,
chess.com, chess24.com and flyordie.com (

Advisor mode requires a short setup. First of all, turn on Advisor mode checkbox in the main window.


1. Turn off Piece animation (= None) in your profile settings on lichess. Take a look at screenshot.
2. Press Alt+W or Alt+B (by default) to start the bot.
3. You should make the first move manually, after that advisor will start to show suggested moves.
4. You can also check your setup using this page: how to cheat at lichess


1. Advisor mode tested with NEW chess.com, it may not work with old one.
2. Switch off board coordinates.
3. Press Alt+W or Alt+B (by default) to start the bot.
4. If advisor still not work, try to resize board (usually, bigger size = better).
5. Check your setup using this page: how to cheat at chess.com

1. Use default board and pieces.
2. Turn ON moves highlight (blue arrows).
3. Set animation speed to minimum.
4. Recommended screen resolutions: 1366x768, 1440x900, 1600x900, 1920x1080
5. Check your setup for chess24 here: how to cheat at chess24.com

What else?

There is one more cool feature, which can be used together with advisor mode -
continue from position

In standard mode bot can play from start position only. With "continue from position" bot can start to play at any moment of the game. This especially usefull in bullet and hyperbullet games.

By default, hotkeys are:
- continue game as white,
- continue as black. Hotkeys can be changed in settings.
Advisor shows best move at chess24.com