Opening books

Chess bot can use opening books. There are 2 own opening books available in the downloaded package: and These books are pretty simple and not very strong. They designed only to widen debut repertoire of the bot and achieve a more human-like play.

So if you want to use own book, just turn on "
Use own book
" checkbox on "Advanced" tab (
see picture №1

Also you can use ".bin" books, which provided with some engines like Komodo or Brainfish. In that case you need to configure engine settings and specify path to such book.

Please follow this instruction (in this example we will connect Cerebellum book to Brainfish chess engine):

1. First of all, we need to download book and
unzip it to the same folder
with the chess engine.

"Use own book" checkbox on "Advanced" tab, otherwise internal book will override moves of engine's book!

3. Open engine settings by clicking on it's name (
see picture №2

4. Now we need to specify path to the opening book. Since we put it in the same folder with engine, we can just enter name of the file: "Cerebellum_Light_Poly.bin" (
see picture №3

5. That's all - now just press

Please note that for different engines settings may differ, for example in Komodo engine you should also set "OwnBook" value to "true", besides specifying the path to the book. Please refer to chess engine's documentation for exact instructions.

For other book formats, like ".ctg", you may try to use Aquarium Book Adapter
pic. 1
pic. 2
pic. 3