What is it?

is the program, which helps you to play on chess websites like chess.com, lichess.org, flyordie.com, chesscube.com and many others. Chess bot can play in automatic mode by itself or just show you best moves on the screen. You can use it for study or just for some fun!

was released! It's stronger, faster and contains several brand new features!

Please carefully read instructions before you'll start to use this bot.

Also read FAQ and if you still have questions - please feel free to contact us: chessbotsup@gmail.com

Latest version: ChessBotX 1.4.8f (10 March 2019)
chess cheat bot 1.4.8


Download archive with the program, unzip the entire folder to any location on your hard drive and launch ChessBot.exe from the folder (It's recommended to launch using "Run as administrator").

This program requires a chess engine to run. There are a lot of different chess engines such as Stockfish, Houdini, Rybka, Komodo and others. We recommend to try Stockfish - it is strong open source chess engine.

Download it from the official website: https://stockfishchess.org/

Unpack the archive anywhere, then press "Load engine" button and specify path to the exe-file ("stockfish-9-32.exe"). Now bot is ready to work.

For other chess engines installation is similar.

Read more about program setup at this page.
Version 0.82 [trial] - Windows - 10.2 MB
0.82 fearures:
- support for most popular websites
- support for most popular UCI engines
- autobot mode
- advisor mode
- continue from position
- configurable engine settings
- configurable delays

Trial version is limited to a few moves per game, after that bot will ask for restart itself. Engine strength is also reduced. Read more about trial version.
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How it looks like? -

Check our youtube channel, there are a lot of examples there! And here is a few screenshots of advisor mode: