Description of "Main" tab interface:

Tab panel
. There are 4 tabs - main, advanced, engine strength and console. "Main" tab contains all basic features, that program can offer. "Advanced" tab has some more options for advanced users. On "Engine strength" tab you can configure playing strength of a chess engine. "Console" tab shows engine output data.

2. Load engine button
shows standard window, where you can specify chess engine, which you want to use with chess bot. Program supports most popular UCI engines like Stockfish, Komodo, Houdini, Fire, Rybka, etc.

Choose website
, where you going to play, from the dropdown list. This will allow to recognize chess board correctly.

is a special mode in which bot only shows the best move, but you will play manually. So you can make premoves, make intentional mistakes, make your own moves and manage time by yourself. Read more about advisor mode here.

Simulate human moves
" option causes the program to move cursor more smoothly. It is especially useful for websites with special bot detection system. It is recommended to use this option in most cases. You can also configure speed of cursor moving - click on button with pinion icon.

This textbox contain
moves of current game
. In advisor mode it shows FEN of the current position.

License indicator
. Green = registered, yellow = trial.

Battle mode
" will minimize window of chess bot to small size for your convenience during the gameplay (
see picture №2

Current chess engine
, loaded in the program.
Click on it to open configuration
window, where you can set any parameter available for current engine, such as threads count, hash size, skill level, contempt, etc. (
see picture №3

This button shows
configuration window for selected website
. For example, for you can set variant to play: crazyhouse, horde, antichess, etc. Read more info on how to play lichess variants here (
see picture №4

Play by key
" feature allows bot to play automatically, but it will make each move only after you pressing the key on keyboard ("P" by default). It's pretty funny, you should try it!

Hide cursor
" option forces bot to remove cursor from chess board immediately after current move is done.

This textbox shows current engine's principal variation and score.

14. "CP" - means centipawn. Simply speaking, it is current engine evaluation (score). 0 = means drawn position, >0 = winning, <0 = losing.

15. "Register" button opens dialog, where you need to enter your registration key, which you will get after purchase.
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