Lichess variants

ChessBotX can also play variants at, here is list of supported variants:

- crazyhouse
- three check
- antichess
- king of the hill
- horde
- racing kings
- chess960

Please note that ChessBot can play variants only in
automatic mode
. However, for some variants like "king of the hill" or "three check" it will work fine in advisor mode also.

So, how to play? Please follow these steps:

1. First of all you need to download
special engine
2. Unzip it and load in the bot.
3. Select "" from dropdown list and click on settings button (
see picture №1
4. Select variant you want to play and press "Apply" (
see picture №2
5. Start bot as usual.

Also a few words about
. As you may see, this variant is not included in the list. The thing is that this variant basically very similar to classic chess, the only difference is random starting positions (well, castling rules also, but it's not a big deal).

So to play
variant you don't even need a special engine. Just use advisor mode or "continue from position" feature. Also this will work not only at lichess, but also on
Just remember always to make first move manually.
pic. 1
pic. 2
Racing kings: