Chess engines list and download links

This page will be updated from time to time. Here you will find best chess engines and settings for different purposes: strongest play, human-like playstyle, fast engines for short time controls, etc.

We will try to provide direct download links for most programs without any crappy file-hosting websites.

For shareware chess engines, we will
provide links to official websites.

All links will be for Windows versions, because ChessBotX is available for Windows only.

If you would like to suggest good chess engine or specific config for it, please send us a message and it will appear on this page.
Stockfish 11  logo
Stockfish is a free and very strong chess
engine. It is well-rounded and good for
any purposes. However default versions of
Stockfish don't support books usage.

ELO: 3554

Direct download Stockfish 11

Official website:
Brainfish is the clone of the
Stockfish with support of
polyglot (.bin) opening

It is especially designed to
work with very strong book called "Cerebellum".

Brainfish is recommended to use against other computer players, programs, bots, because along with Cerebellum it is immensely strong. ELO: 3618

Direct download Brainfish
Official website:
Brainfish logo
Houdini is a legendary chess engine by
Robert Houdart. Latest version (Houdini 6)
is pretty strong, however it is a bit weaker
than current versions of Stockfish.

But we recommend to try Houdini 4
along with the advisor mode. Houdini 4 Pro has unique style
and can provide good moves even at low depth. Try to use advisor at Depth = 8, you will get fast and pretty strong calculation. ELO: 3399

Official website

Direct download free Houdini 1.5 version
Komodo is another very strong engine.
However, instead of depth, it more relies
on evaluation.

That is why Komodo is known for its
positional style and human-like play.

This chess engine is also recommended to use with advisor mode. Also you can give it a try in solving puzzles.

ELO: 3423

Official website
Direct download Komodo 10
Fire is a free program with decent
evaluation and solid moves.

Fast as Stockfish, but slightly weaker.
However, it has different style. Always been in the top 5 of recent years at TCEC.

Maybe you will be interested in trying it at blitz and bullet games. Unfortunately, doesn't support opening books by itself.

ELO: 3322

Direct download Fire 7.1 chess engine
Surprised? Clarabit is not well known
indeed. It is also very weak in playing
against other engines.

However, this program is good, if your want to simulate 1500-1800 ELO player. Recommended to use along with advisor mode in blitz chess under 2000 rating at

Optimal engine depth = 8.

Official website

Clarabit direct download
Rybka is a legendary chess engine
created by Vasik Rajlich. In times past
it was the strongest program in the

Today it is still pretty strong, maybe in top-20 rank. Rybka has many configurable parameters which allow to achieve different playstyles - from defensive to very aggressive.

ELO: 3148

Official website

Direct download Rybka 2.3.2
Gull is an open source engine from
Vadim Demichev.

The latest version of Gull 3 was released
in 2014, but it is always striking in its ability to fight to the end against modern engines.

It is like a honey badger in the world of computer chess.

ELO: 3181

Gull 3 download
Ethereal is a very strong open source
chess engine written by Andrew Grant.

Although Ethereal is greatly influenced
from Crafty, Stockfish and Fruit, it has pretty unique style.

It is in the top-10 best programs at the
moment. If you would like to test some good alternatives for Stockfish, then Ethereal 12 is your choice.

ELO: 3350

Website                   Download Ethereal 12 (direct link)
WildCat is a free UCI compliant chess
engine by Igor Korshunov.

It is very outdated, but can be
succesfully used for advisor mode at blitz 2000-2500 rating.

Better to use this engine instead of the default Stockfish, because it less strong, which make it more human-like.

Latest version is WildCat 8, it has 2629 ELO according to CCRL 40/15.

Website                   Download WildCat 8 chess engine
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