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Description of "Engine strength" tab interface:

Chess bot can force the engine to play in two different ways:
by depth or by time
. When play by depth method is used, bot will ask the engine to calculate the moves strictly to a certain depth.

When playing by time, the engine will make a self decision on how much time to spend on thinking about the current move. Choose "play by time" method, when you need to achieve the strongest play.

Engine depth
parameter specifies how deep should engine calculate positions. Higher the depth = slower the moves = stronger the play. For example, at depth = 1, the chess engine will play very fast, but very weakly and will make mistakes often. And at depth = 20 engine will crush grandmaster easily, but moves will be much slower.

Floating depth
" feature will allow you to use different engine depth in different parts of the game. For example, you can set depth = 20 on first 10 moves, depth = 18 on moves from 10 to 20 and depth = 14 after that, etc.

If you choose "Play by time" method, you should
set time control
, so the engine will know how long it can think on the moves. For example for classic bullet game, you should set 1 min + 0-sec increment.

Permanent brain
" feature will allow the engine to think during opponent's turn. Using this option allow to increase the overall strength of play by 15-30%, so it's recommended to use it in "bot-vs-bot" games.
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Instructions - strength of the chess bot

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