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This is online chess calculator. Set up any position on the board by dragging pieces and press "Calculate" button to see next move suggested by the Stockfish chess engine. If you're looking for
chess bot (1.6.0 update has arrived!)
- here it is.
If you want to see best moves directly in your chess games - take a look at ChessBotX.

ChessBotX - is a program that will help you to learn chess and become a stronger player. It works for all popular chess websites.

This tool has 3 separate modes:
coach, fully automatic and advisor.

will show you best moves straight in your current game at or lichess:

will evaluate you moves and show whether they were good or not:

Automatic mode
will allow you to test chess engines and opening books against other bots and computers:
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If you're interested in chess bot, then check the Main page.

ChessBot will show you best moves directly in your game at lichess, and all other popular chess websites.

Take a look at screenshots!
Become unstoppable with the Chess Coach Bot!

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Chess Bot shows several best moves (MultiPV)
Advisor show best move at lichess (one variation enabled)
Coach mode will evaluate each of your moves. Example at
chess cheat bot
ChessBotX - real-time next best move calculator