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We all love playing against Stockfish on the Lichess website. And we all know how strong Level 8 Stockfish is. It is especially impossible to defeat him in games with fast time control - Bullet (1min + 0) and Ultrabullet (15sec + 0).

But today you will be lucky enough to see a level 8 Stockfish destroyed in brilliant style. ChessBotX will play faster and stronger, playing both classic openings and the most breathtaking ones, like Bongcloud and the Grob.

Let's go! First challenge: ChessBot has
only 5 seconds
to win against Stockfish LVL 8 in ultrabullet. Is it even possible? Take a look!
One game won is an accident. Two is a trend. Three is a pattern.

How about 50 wins against Stockfish in a bullet? Check out the video below to see how the strongest lichess engine will be defeated in a wide variety of openings!
Next video shows ChessBotX vs Stockfish 8 Level in ultrabullet. But this time chess bot must use only Depth = 10.

If you're not familiar with strength grading, Depth=10 is a pretty low value for a chess engine.

Still ChessBot was able to crush best lichess bot. Take a look!
The following video is just for fun. Can you imagine dominating a board without a queen?

Well, of course, this is impossible to do against the strongest lichess engine. But it's still quite difficult even against weaker engines.

Watch this battle without a queen!

Do you think ChessBot is only capable of mocking Lichess Stockfish? What about the most powerful computer on

In fact, there are many such videos on our channel, but here, for example, is one of them.

Punishment of the Max 25 Level computer in 3... 2... 1...
Hope you like these videos

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Play chess and have fun!
Bonus №2!

Epic and funny video - 10 crazy ways to defeat 25 Level Maximum Computer. Must see!
Bonus №3!

Absolute madness - 100 Ultrabullet games vs Stockfish 8 at lichess! No music, just ASMR sound of moves on the chessboard. Enjoy!
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