ChessBotX 1.5.9 has arrived!

Advisor 2.0

- faster
- no flickering
- premoves recognition
- better looking on large boards

We have completely renewed the Advisor mode. The speed and stability of position recognition has increased. Also, a very happy moment for many users - no more flickering! In addition, the new advisor recognize premoves well.

And one more improvement - support for big boards. Advisor marks have a proper size on fullhd screens now.

Hope you enjoy the new Advisor!
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Full support (automatic + advisor + coach) for 2 more websites.

- new FIDE online arena:
- chess24 PlayZone:

Please use these settings for FIDE Arena and these settings for PlayZone.
fide online arena advisor chess24 playzone advisor
Other stuff

- calculation indication (to make it clear that the program does not hang, but simply thinks hard about the next move)

- engine depth demonstration in real time (nice to watch during long calculations)

- support for more engines. Komodo engines should work fine now. Increase the new "Engine delay" parameter for better compatibility (but decrease, if you want to achieve maximum speed).

- "stop engine if position has changed" feature. If you're using advisor with big depth, this option will be useful. Otherwise it is recommended to turn off it, since it slow down the bot.

- engine settings now opens much faster
- engine initialization and first move will be faster now
- a few minor improvements, some old bugs fixed, new bugs added

Hope you'll enjoy the update. If you're not familiar with the ChessBotX features - see also previous version overview.

And as usual - play chess and have fun!
calculation indication
real-time depth
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