About the trial version of the chess bot program

Before purchasing the ChessBotX, it is strongly recommended to test the program and make sure that it works fine for you. We offer you to download
ChessBotX [TRIAL]
- special version of ChessBotX.


1. Download chess bot and unzip it to any folder.
2. Launch ChessBot.exe as administrator.
3. The chess cheat bot is ready to work. Read basic instructions on how to use this program.

The trial version is limited to a few moves. The engine strength is also reduced.

The trial version is needed to test basic functions only, like chessboard recognition, ability to work with chess engines, show best moves and make moves by itself. If it works for you, then a full version will also work fine. If not, please read instructions and faq.

If nothing helps and you need help with setup, please contact us.
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