A few words about safety or how to cause less suspicion.

Often people ask - can I get banned for using this software? If you're using ChessBotX for chess cheating, then answer -
yes and you probably will
. Why do you need to use it then? Well, you need to decide this by yourself. Our answer -
just for fun

However, we can offer a few recommendations, which will reduce the chances of detection. The main idea - play like a human, not like a computer. Do not make ideal moves, do not win every single game.

So follow these recommendations:

1. Use advisor mode whenever possible. The best way of using advisor mode is to play manually most of the game and use bits of advice of the bot from time to time in critical moments.

Manage time of the moves properly
. Play fast in the opening. Make random delays in the middlegame. If you make all the moves through equal intervals, it will look very suspicious. In automatic mode, the best way is to use "Play by key" feature to control the time of each move by yourself.

Reduce the strength of the play
. For example, you can use a weaker engine, check this list. Also, you can decrease the "Engine depth" parameter. Alternatively, you can check options of the engine - some engines have such parameters like "Skill level" or "Strength". Experiment with these settings to achieve human-like play with mistakes and inaccuracies.

4. Use opening books. Engine by itself can make strange (by human point of view) moves in the opening, which will be suspicious. So it will be much better to use a well-known theory. For that purposes program have "GM.books" in its arsenal. This opening book is based on many games of grandmasters and contains a set of standard lines for a few first moves of the game.

5. Be careful when you're performing
mating sequence
, because the engine can "see" mate in 10 easily in a bullet game, but it's very difficult to a human. So it will be suspicious if you will do long mating sequences without any mistakes in every game.

6. Use the "Simulate human moves" feature in automatic mode.

Use premoves
at lichess.org and chess.com, especially in the endgame, when a few seconds left on the clock. It is common behaviour for a human.

All these recommendations will decrease chances of detection, however there is no guarantee.
Please remember - you're using this software at own risk
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