ChessBotX - the chess cheat bot?

Just for fun!

We do not urge you to cheat. We do not welcome cheating in chess. We condemn any use of the program for cheating purposes.

However, you decide by yourself on how to use the chess bot. And if you want to have some fun, for example, you want to prank on your grandmaster-friend, then ChessBotX is what you need.

Download chess bot, run program, open chess website, start the game and start the bot.

ChessBotX will recognize board and pieces, analyse position, calculate the best next move and show it on your screen in real-time.

Alternatively, you can let chessbot to play by itself. It is also looks amazing, but it's more interesting to play by yourself, isn't it?

Here is how it looks like:

Learn chess with chess bot!

ChessBotX can become your chess coach. It always near, 24/7 it always ready to help.

Instead of chess cheating, you can play against computer on websites like and

Use chessbot to train opening lines you want. Program also will help you in the middlegame and endgame.

You can use different chess engines along with ChessBotX. Also, you can configure playstyle (more or less aggressive), skill level and many more options. ChessBotX will help you to find tactics and mate sequences.

You can even play the "hand and brain" game together with the chess bot!

So, if you want to learn chess, ChessBotX is a very good addition in your arsenal.

For computer chess lovers

Interested in computer chess, know names of all popular chess engines, watching TCEC everyday, love to test new versions of engines?

Computer chess enthusiasts will also find ChessBotX useful. You can play "bot-vs-bot" matches with your friends, test different engines, opening books, settings and configurations.

Also, you can even do some fun like this:

All in all, it's up to you how to use ChessBotX. But anyway, play chess and have fun!

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