Best settings for chess bot.

How to connect Brainfish chess engine and opening book.

You can make ChessBot much stronger comparing to default settings. It is especially useful for bot-vs-bot games (for example against computer level 10 or lichess stockfish level 8).

First of all, you need to understand that
stronger your PC - stronger the bot
. For example, a chess engine on 8-core CPU will win most of the games against itself on 2-core CPU. However, there are a few other important things you should know.
CPU comparison
Important things for best play
General information

If you need to achieve really good gameplay, you need to use:

- opening book (for example Cerebellum.bin)
- endgame tablebases (EGTB, Syzygy 5-men for example)
- strong chess engine (Brainfish, Leela, Komodo, Houdini, Fire)
- proper settings for chess engine
- proper settings for chess bot
- proper system settings

Firstly, pay attention to website settings and system settings. Chess bot will work faster on a smaller chessboard, so try to decrease board size, if possible. Make sure to
disable moves animation at website settings
, if possible - this is also allow to increase speed of moves recognition.

Additionally, you can even try to decrease your screen resolution. For example, if you have 1920x1080, you can try to set 1440x900 or even 1366x768 resolution. Chess bot will work faster on a smaller screen.

Make sure to close all other applications / web pages / programs when using bot against other chess programs or chess computers. And make sure that chess bot is not blocked by your antivirus / firewall / system settings. Always use battle mode in the game.
Chess engine and opening book. Brainfish + Cerebellum.

We recommend to try very good chess engine, called "Brainfish". It is Stockfish with support of opening books in ".bin" format. Brainfish is provided with a strong opening book called "Cerebellum".

Opening book is a database of chess positions that can occur during first 10-15 moves of the game. These positions are already pre-calculated and provided with the suggested best next move. So ChessBot will play next move immediately, without calculating the current position (and this will be a very good move). Good opening book will increase strength of play drastically.

So first of all we need to download all the stuff. Here is the website. Go there and download latest "Cerebellum Stockfish" opening book and "Brainfish" chess engine.

Here are direct download links for the latest versions so far (19 March 2020).

: direct download

Cerebellum book
: direct download

1. Download both archives and unpack it with some program like WinRAR.

2. Create a folder
named "Book"
on the desktop.

3. Copy Brainfish_32bit.exe or Brainfish_x64.exe (if you have 64 bit Windows)
to this new "Book" folder.

4. Also copy "Cerebellum_light_poly.bin" (newer versions can have another name)
to the same folder.


Now we need to load engine and book into the chess bot. Launch ChessBotX (run ChessBot.exe as administrator) and go to the Advanced tab. And follow these steps:

TURN OFF "Use own book" option
2. Press "Load engine" button and select "Brainfish_32bit.exe" or "Brainfish_x64.exe" from the "Book" folder, which you created previously.
3. After that click on the name of the engine (near "Load engine" button). Window with the engine configuration will appear.
4. Find "
Book file
" parameter and copy full name of the opening book as a value -
5. It is also recommended to set "BestBookMove" parameter to FALSE.
Folder with engine and opening book
Advanced settings of ChessBotX
Chess engine configuration
Endgame tablebases usage. How to load EGTB Syzygy 5-men into the chess bot.

Another important thing for good quality computer chess is so called EGTB - endgame tablebases.

All you need to know is that ChessBotX with EGTB will play stronger than without it. We recommend to try Syzygy 5-men tablebases. However, there are also 6-men and even 7-men tables (Lomonosov). Update: Syzygy now also have 7-men tables:

6-men and 7-men are better of course, than 5-men, but they require a lot of free space on your hard drive. Just take a look at this comparison table.

So here is how to connect EGTB with chess bot, follow these steps:

1. Download Syzyge 5-men tablebases: direct link.

2. Create new folder called "EGTB" on disk C:\

3. Unzip all downloaded files to

4. Launch ChessBotX and go to Advanced tab.

5. Click on the engine name to open configuration window.

6. Find "SyzygyPath" parameter and set it to "

7. Press Save button.

That's all - now ChessBotX will use endgame tablebases.

When only 5 or less pieces will left on the board,
ChessBotX will make only best next moves without thinking.

Also EGTB will allow chess engine to analyse positions
during the game more precisely.
Endgame tablebases sizes comparison
Connecting EGTB with the engine
Chess bot and chess engine configuration and best settings.

When playing with bot against other chess programs, use following settings to increase strength and speed:

1. Turn off "Simulate human moves" option. This will allow bot to move cursor instantly.
2. Use "
Play by time
" mode. Set time a bit lower than actual time control. For example, for bullet games 1+0 use 0.7+0 time in the chess bot, etc.
3. Turn on "
Permanent brain
" option (pondering).
4. Set
parameter as higher as possible. For example, if you have 8-core CPU, Threads must be = 8.
5. Set
Hash size
parameter to 256mb for bullet games, 512 mb for blitz games and 1024 mb for classic.
6. Leave
parameter at default value. If you face stronger opponent, you can try to lower Contempt a little bit - this will increase chances of making a draw.
7.  And don't forget that you can experiment with different chess engines and opening books. Brainfish and Cerebellum are not the only ones in the world, however they're good and we recommend to try them.
Play by time mode and pondering
Threads and hash settings

Here are a few examples of strong play. These games were played on old weak notebook with 2-core CPU. However, with Brainfish+Cerebellum+EGTB+Proper settings ChessBotX were able to win against lichess and computers.

Of course, on a good hardware results will be even better. So use these recommendations, play chess and have fun!
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